Insurance Repairs

Randall Group has been providing services to several major insurance companies for many years.

We have an integrated web of quality managers and contractors across two states, with all key personnel extensively trained in policy and reporting. This reduces the need for insurance companies to engage specialist claims assessors or loss adjusters on many claims, and allows claims to be assessed “in office” without having to travel to site.

Our reports include photos and clearly identify how an event has occurred to allow for streamlining of assessing and repairs.

Our office staff have been extensively trained in policy and customer service. It is Randall Group's priority to keep the insured informed and supported through times of disaster.

We provide a 24 hour emergency response service. During times of disaster, our integrated web of managers and contractors ensures full and comprehensive coverage of areas in need.

The expanse of Randall Group's contractor database also allows us to be extremely competitive with our pricing, and gives us tremendous buying power with our suppliers.