National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Randall Group is registered to provide throughout Australia the supports and services for which it is approved as a registered NDIS provider.

National Disability Insurance Scheme NDIS providers are individuals or organisations that deliver a support or service to a participant of the NDIS. 

Providers who deliver supports and services under the NDIS must operate and comply with relevant Australian laws, rules and regulations. 

Randall Group has complied with the NDIS Code of Conduct and all conditions of Registration. 

Conditions of registration apply to all registered NDIS providers under the NDIS Act. These conditions are included on a registered NDIS provider’s certificate of registration and are not reproduced on the interactive NDIS Provider Register.

Conditions include:

    • Standard conditions of registration prescribed under section 73F(2) of the NDIS Act.
    • A condition of registration imposed under section 73G of the NDIS Act at the time of transition of registration to the NDIS Commission.
    • Conditions imposed by the various NDIS rules made under sections 73H and 209 of the NDIS Act. These include the rules applying to different classes of support such as the delivery of specialist disability accommodation, specialist behaviour support or the use of restrictive practices.